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Campaign Thrown For Meeks Mill’s Justice



Campaign thrown for Meeks Mill Justice. (Photo credit: File photo)

Mill was sentenced to 2-4 years in prison in November 6 2017. Meek Mill made his voice had at a rally thrown for him in Philly this week, but he did it from prison and it was through a call.

The rapper phoned in to the Reform Philly rally Tuesday through his attorney, Joe Tacopina, who put him on speaker and let him talk into the mic. The rally is aimed at “Bringing Injustice to Light,” and was partially created with Meek in mind … #Justice4Meek.

Meek took time out to thank his supporters for coming out and expressed his appreciation for their continued efforts to get him released from prison. He also talked about his love for Philly, as well as his rough upbringing. He said his long probation sentence at November 2017, and has been denied bail since.

Al Sharpton was in attendance, too, as was Meek’s mom, who held a banner in her son’s name onstage. Jay-Z’s music platform, Tidal, streamed the entire event.