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Fela Durotoye: Facts You Need To Know About Him



Fela Durotoye replies critics of his 2019 presidential ambition

Fela Durotoye replies critics of his 2019 presidential ambition


The social Media space in Nigeria got fired up after Fela Durotoye’s announced his intention to contest for the Presidential Seat come 2019. While the declaration, by the foremost motivational Speaker in the country, called for celebration in the camp of those championing the #NotToYoungToRun campaign, Fela’s intention has been greeted with scorn and disapproval from some social media commentator, who believe he does not have the right judgment to be one of youngest democratically elected leaders in the Country. Nigerians youth, surprisingly, expressed their skepticism as regards his intention to run for the highest office in the country, thereby, betraying their clamour for young people to take the position leadership in the country.

It is obvious that these reactions to Fela’s declaration are borne out of the limited knowledge people have of this young and patriotic Nigerian. Fela Durotoye is no doubt a known figure in the Nigerian social scene. Apart from being a motivational speaker, Fela is a go-getter, a role model and reformer. Born in Ibadan City in 1971, to Professor Layiwola and Adeline Durodoye (bros Toks and Sissy Addy), Fela, AKA Mr. Nigeria, lived most of his life in Ile Ife.

Here are some of the facts that might interest you about him.


Fela Durotoye grew up among people who are bookish. His parents were lecturer at the University of Ibadan before they moved to Obafemi Awolowo University. He has his Bachelor’s Degree ( in Computer Science and Economics from Obafemi Awolowo University. He bagged a Master Degree in Business Administration from the same University. He is an Alumnus of Kennedy School of Government Executive Program of the Prestigious Harvard University.

He is a certified Leadership Coach of the John Maxwell Team. He has also undergone programs at the Lagos Business School, Yele University and the Nigerian Police Training School, Ikeja.


Fela experience and exploit in the business world is a testimony to the fact that he is a special breed. He has personally coach young entrepreneurs to succeed and strive in the tough business terrain in Nigeria. He has also assisted numerous businesses and brands, put their goals in perspectives, optimize their market and leadership potential, and to increase effective service delivery. His clients range from Private individual, Cooperate Organizations and the government.

He presently sits on the board of many Nigerian Companies. He is the current chairman of the Boards of Directors of some leading Nigerian Company, such as Home Base Mortgage Bank Limited, Orbra, to name a few.

Fela Founded the Gamstone Group, a leadership development institution aimed at raising leaders.


Fela Durotoye was not nicknamed Mr. Nigeria because he won pageantry, but, for is undying passion for his country. His many National Transformation Projects have been a source of blessings to many Nigerians and Nigeria.

He spearheaded Mushin Makeover, an urban renewal Project, where he mobilized over 2000 volunteers to paint 296 houses in Mushin Suburb at no cost to the House owners and tenants. This Project led to the training of 100 young people to become professional painters.

With his Gemstone Nation 2025 Initiative, Fela’s foundation, Gemstone Nation Builders Foundation, wants to motivate, inspire and empower young leaders that would transform the country into “the world most suitable nation to live in” in the year 2025. He has visited many Universities in the country to speak to young people and to challenge them to be a catalyst of Change in the country.

He also donated 17,000 copies of his book “17 Secrets of High Flying Students” to public schools, where students cannot afford to get the book.


The 40 years old business consultant and strategist has been recognized home and abroad for adding value to young people in the country. Apart from the numerous Awards that he has won, he has also broken different records.

Fela organized the record breaking Gemstone Global Reading Festival where over 12,000 students across 7 countries in Africa, Europe and USA, all read aloud his book, “17 Secrets of High Flying Students”, at the same exact moment and time across different time zones.

Fela, also, broke the world record for autographing the highest number of books by one author in November 2012. He autographed non-stop 10,000 copies of his book in one sitting in the space of 8 hours, 43 minutes.

In February 2013, an US based Black Enterprise Magazine profile Fela as one of the ten powerful men on twitter in Africa.

He has been honoured with many awards, too numerous to mention. He received a honourary awards from the African Young Entrepreneur Network in 2017. He became the united Nation Young Ambassador For peace in 2011.


Fela’s desire to see Nigeria attain the height she ought to be has prompted “FD” as he is known in the circle of friends, to initiate reforms that would positively reposition the country. His numerous Projects, such as Eden, Visible Impart, Yes!, Gemstone 2025, Nigerian Project, Super Speaker, The Future Leader Program, etc., have made the difference in the lives of many Nigerians.

He came up with the ten core value which he tagged Value System. These core values are out to improve human relation, tolerance and effectiveness among Nigerians. This Value systems have being adopted by some state governments, cooperate organizations and Associations as their ethics of conduct.

He is a relentless advocate for good governance and effective social system. He has invested so much in the education sector; he believes that the future can only be guaranteed when adequate investments are targeted at young people. He is also concern about creating a sustainable society and an healthy environment.

He is happily married to Tara Fela Durotoye and they are blessed with children.

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