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Why I Got Pregnant Without Sex – 29-Yr-Old Virgin Reveals




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A 29-year-old Canadian woman, who gave her name as Lauren has revealed why she got pregnant without sleeping with a man.

She revealed, according to News AU, that she grew up with a gland disorder that affects her body’s hormone production, as a result of this, she sought a sperm donor and eventually became a single mum which was against the advice of doctors and friends.

She revealed, “I was born with hypopituitarism, which means my pituitary gland is not formed properly. It doesn’t send the right hormonal messages to the other glands in the body, like the adrenaline gland or the ovaries. Because of that, I have to take hormone replacements to develop necessary areas of my body.

“I’ve had it under control now for 29 years, so it’s not an issue now. But it was very obviously different because I was taking thyroid pills and taking a needle of growth hormones every day.

“Because of my pituitary gland, I went through puberty super late. I wouldn’t have gone through it at all without higher oestrogen levels. I really only started that because I was getting made fun of for being really flat chested, whereas everybody else was getting their boobs and everything at that point.

“The hardest thing was probably getting pregnant. Initially, my endocrinologist said it wouldn’t happen; that I’ll need to get an egg donor and spend tens of thousands of dollars on IVF. I felt really shut down. But he referred me to a fertility clinic anyway.

“I spent an entire year on a waiting list thinking it was never going to happen and then after a five-minute appointment with a fertility expert, everything changed,” Lauren explains.

Lauren, who would be put to bed in June said, “Since I’ve been pregnant, there have been a few times where I’ve felt like maybe it would be nice to go out and have sex, but that feeling very quickly passes — I realise I’m not acting like myself.”

She revealed that she dated “here and there” up until last December and added that she even had a boyfriend she tried to be intimate with, but that they both concluded it wasn’t working and broke up before sex could happen.

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