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It’s All About Politics – Tinubu Reacts To Obasanjo’s Letter



{L-R} President Muhammadu Buhari and Chief Bola Tinubu (File Photo)

National leader of the All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has described Chief Olusegun Obasanjo’s special press statement in which he advised President Buhari not to contest the 2019 presidential election as a mere political gimmick.

Recall Chief Olusegun Obasanjo had on the 23rd of January, 2018, released a 13-page letter on his assessment of President Buhari’s administration and also called for the creation of a new Coalition for Nigeria which can take Nigeria to the ‘promised land’.

However, Tinubu told newsmen during a brief stop over in Owerri, the Imo State capital en route Alex Ekwueme’s funeral in Anambra, that the former president’s outburst was just a political strategy.

“Obasanjo wrote it about the government. It is a very good awareness on his part and they are both from the same background,” Tinubu said as reported by The Nation.

“I believe that is the doctrine of military officers (retired) because he has unrestricted access to the president, either through the Council of State or by any other means that he need to see the current president privately and he was his junior in the army.

“So I think Obasanjo was playing politics with his public letter. That’s all I see. He could have used other means. He met him in the AU too. He has a way of discussing privately but the letter is being responded to by the government.”

He however declined to make specific comments when asked about the Coalition for Nigeria which sprung to limelight after Obasanjo’s letter.

“The appropriate time is not now for response on the Coalition Movement but we are in a democracy, we are in a country that is a signatory to the Charter of the United Nations which guarantees free movement, free association and free speech”, Tinubu said.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Emekunda

    05.03.2018 at 9:08 AM

    Mohammadu Bihari led government has totally done nothing for Nigerians.All they do is lies and claims.
    All the money recovered has not been put into effective use. Nigeria is made up of 150 million people, if the recovered money is shared 1 million naira to all Nigerian, the common man will be happy with bihari government but all we hear is lies and cover up. I call on Mohammadu Bihari to share Our money and use the rest to work. This is common sense. We are dying of hunger in this regime under the watch of Mr president.Enough is a enough rise and do some, the share our money and you will see Nigeria better again.

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