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Niger Delta Militants Resist Cattle Colonies, Vows To Destroy Oil Facilities



'Stop Asking Buhari For Peanuts – Biafra Group Tells Niger Delta Avengers

Niger Delta Militants (File Photo)

A coalition of Niger Delta militants have given the federal government a 90-day ultimatum to meet its demands or risk the destruction of the nation’s oil facilities.

The militants also warned the federal government not to set up cattle colonies in any part of  the Niger Delta region.

The coalition of militants gave the warning yesterday in Port Harcourt, Rivers State in a statement signed by some of the Niger Delta Militants, and addressed to the federal government.

Those that signed the resolution according to DailyPost, included, John Duku (Niger Delta Watchdogsand Convener, Coalition of Niger Delta Agitators; Ekpo Ekpo (Niger Delta Volunteers), Osarolor Nedam (Niger Delta Warriors) and Simply Benjamin (Bakassi Strike Force).

It said, “Otherwise, there would be no one Nigeria. We shall officially declare Niger Delta Republic after 90 days, if the Federal Government fails to implement the above demands.

“We also demand that all the Northerners living in the Niger Delta to quit the region if the Federal Government fails to implement the above demands within the stipulated time.

“We also call on our people living in the North to also return to the Niger Delta for their safety.

“Our principal targets are Usan, Ima, Okoro/Setu and Asabo oil fields, Okwok, Asuokpu/Umutu fields, OML 112, OML 117, Ebok, Obe oil field, Akpo, OPL 215, 840, OPL 733, 809, 810, 722, 905, 246, 110, 112, 117 etc, other facilities also marked by our strike team are Total Nigeria Ltd, Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Intels and Adax Petroleum” On the menace of herdsmen, the group said,

“The massive killings all over the country by Fulani herdsmen are fully sponsored by top government functionaries, especially the security chiefs, who supply them with weapons with sole aim of achieving cattle colony and Islamic agenda.

“The idea of having cattle colony was already in the mind of President Buhari before he contested the 2015 election. The whole world can now see the reason he appointed all security chiefs from the North, including DG of NIA, who is supposed to be replaced by someone from the South.

“The Coalition believes that the killings by the Fulani herdsmen are direct invitation to civil war and we are fully prepared to fight with the last drop of blood to protect the Niger Delta people and her territorial environment.

“The Coalition also condemns the endorsement of the President as APC candidate for 2019 election by some self-centered governors and politicians. Those calling on President Buhari to seek re-election are the real enemies of Nigeria.

“A government that launched ‘Operation Crocodile Smile I & II’ in the Niger Delta, despite the peaceful atmosphere, in the region.

Operation Python Dance I & II” in the South East destroyed people and properties just to silence IPOB and further declare a non-violent IPOB as terrorist organization.

“It would suddenly turn deaf ears on terrorist activities of Fulani herdsmen taking place all over the country on daily basis. We shall no longer tolerate any further bloodshed within the Niger Delta states by the terrorists Fulani herdsmen.

“We shall ensure that our people are protected from every Fulani terrorist; it is very unfortunate that the government that swore to protect the lives and properties of its citizens has suddenly become sectional government, and lacks powers to protect the masses.

“And we warn that any Niger Delta governor that accepts cattle colony would be dealt with as the enemy of the Niger Delta. We don’t want Fulanis among us, they are our enemies.”