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Majek Fashek Advises Wizkid, Olamide & Davido On Making Good Sound



Majeek Fashek advises Olamide,Wizkid and Davido to produce good music. (Photo credit:

Majeek Fashek who has been back in the news for some time now from the time he performed at the Common Wealth Of Zion Assembly to the performance at Dino Malaye’s eve party, this got alot of people in the country talking that majeek should not have been given a chance to sing in a church. The likes of Daddy Freez made some controversial statements about the step taken by Majeek.

In an interview with HipTV, Majek was quoted as saying the present crop of singers don’t make good sounds but just songs that people can ‘jam’ to.

He said:

“I make sound while all these young musicians make jam, I make good sound but they are always jamming, they don’t make good sound, they just jam.

My song ‘Send down the rain’ was made over thirty years ago, but if you listen to it today, you will realize that the sound will appeal to both the old and equally the young ones because the sound is good and still relevant today, that is something the young musicians don’t have”.

In a follow-up chat with E-Daily, Majek explained that his statement in the interview with HipTV wasn’t meant to underrate or disrespect young artistes, but a fatherly encouragement to improve on their craft by making good sounds that will outlive them.

He said:

“I didn’t mean to insult, underrate, slight or demean any young Nigerian artiste; what I did was to state the obvious. The truth is Wizkid, Olamide, Davido, and many other young Nigerian artistes are doing good music but they just need to improve on their sound for the better; I meant no form of insult”.

Source: Naija News