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Actress Georgina Onuoha Shares Two Testimony That Nearly Took Her Life In 2017



Nigerian actress, Georgina Onuoha who shows her full gratitude to God for sparing her life this year after facing numerous trails. She took to her Instagram page to testify about God’s goodness in her life and how she escaped a ghastly motor accident health challenges.

She wrote: While the whole world celebrated my birthday on September 29, little did they know they were praying and wishing me well. Only few noticed I did not post any celebratory pictures.

With all the beautiful pictures that many cherished, loved and saved, little did they know I was lying down in the Emergency Room receiving blood transfusion, tons of Intravenous fluids.

My life has always been a life of testimony. I didn’t know what was wrong, I was extremely fatigued. I take little walks ; I’m panting like someone who just finished a marathon.

I climb the staircase, I feel like passing out.. I couldn’t even enjoy a beautiful beach walk with my love. I struggle with sleep, my brain can’t shutdown for the night. Things were not right.

I called my primary care physician and went in for a checkup. I was sent to do Series of lab. Which I did and went home. Two days later, I was all fine and driving home and suddenly, I got that call. ” Gina she said!

Where are you? I replied, I’m driving home. She said park your car and submit yourself to the ER. I said why? She said you could pass out any moment, your red blood count is extremely low, which means you are not getting enough oxygen circulation to your brain and heart.

I was with my friend Kim. She took me to the ER, I was treated for exhaustion, low hemoglobin and Severe Anemia.

Tons of labs were done to figure out why I lost so much blood and survived that long with a hemoglobin count of 6. The rest is history. I was told by my doctor, Gina please rest, you need tons of sleep, and take it easy with studying.

At every close encounter with my life God has and will continue to keep, watch and preserve my life. Who are mine lord that you are so mindful of me? My lips will always praise and bless you my creator in whom I trust.

Those who put their faith in God will never be disappointed. Thanks GG for always being there for me. Thanks @mskimberlyla for all the love and support.

Thanks @naomiraheem I’m so glad to have you as a sister.. Thanks all for all the birthday prayers in September.. they made miracles happen in my life. For that I’m grateful ??. I will end this year giving testimony. Watch this space ❤.

Narration Of Her Ghastly Motor Accident

On her accident experience, she wrote: “While you are still thanking the lord for my healing..

Here is even more reason for you to worship him on my behalf. From this wreckage; Lord you pulled me out, unharmed ,unscratched, unbroken , unwounded.

You gave me a second chance to life. I saw my life flash right in front of me in a split second. All I could think of was Chigozie, Chimezie, my mom, my GG and my sister Ada.

The devil came for my life on the 2nd of December 2017 on a beautiful Saturday morning riding with my friend turn sister Akua @dido_7. When I heard her words..

Gina ice, I can’t control the car, before I could say a word.. we were pushed straight into a tree and the car flipped 3 times. All I could remember were her last word..

I said God let thy will be done, forgive me my sins and keep my kids. From a distant.. I heard my friend screaming Gina are you ok? Jesus help us..

I was still in shock .. all doors were jammed, we were upside down , I was trapped by my seatbelt. I couldn’t move, I was in shock.. suddenly I heard a whisper get out before this car burst into flames.

That jilted me back to reality, through God’s miracle my friend was able to grab the keys from the ignition and opened the booth. she went out but I couldn’t, she kept screaming Gina try, Jesus help us.

I wiggled my tiny body out from the belt and crawled out of the back. Paramedics, Police and doctors that came were shocked we came out in one bit.. Lord how many are your works?

Why are you so mindful of me? I was crying for Nigerians stuck in Libya and God was preserving my life. It’s been a year filled with grace, mercy and miracles upon my life.

I dedicate my whole life back to you the God of my creation. I remain in awe of your mercies upon me and my family. It was only then, the words of my baby brother @onusams sank in ..he had called me to tell me to pray..that untimely death is not my portion. Gods word is full of beautiful promises.

He has and will never fail nor forsake me. Like my grandparents he gave long life’s, so shall my portion be.. I am marked for living and not death.

I end my year in praise because I’m a product of GRACE and Saved by Grace?? God You Saved Me ?? olowogbogboro , Chimamanda, Chinedum

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