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APC won’t survive till 2019 – Group warns



-Nigerians will vote out APC in favour of PDP in the 2019 elections, group declares.

-The group also stated the All Progressives Congress has not delivered on its election campaign promises to Nigerians.

-PDP remains the party to beat at the 2019 general elctions, group declares.

The Sunshine Integrity Vanguard, a socio-political group has declared the Peoples Democratic Party will defeat the All Progressives Congress (APC) at the 2019 general elections in Nigeria.

The group noted that two years down the line, Nigerians have become tired of unfulfilled promises by the All Progressives Congress.

This assertion was made known in a statement released by the group’s coordinator, Andrew Ogunsakin.

Ogunsakin said: “things have been getting worse without any solution in sight, there is no way the APC can survive till 2019.”

“We have no doubt that the PDP is now getting stronger and the leaders reconciling and preparing to take over power from the APC. The people are tired of lies and propaganda from the APC.”

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“We thought the APC would bring real change to the country, but for the past two years, all promises are not being fulfilled and we want the real change, come 2019.”

“The anti-corruption fight is nothing to write home about, it is only targeted at some perceived political enemies and you are not a thief if you are a member of the APC.”

“From what the people are saying on the streets, PDP is the party to beat come 2019″, the statement concluded.

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