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Nigeria should adopt Pidgin English as national language – Okoye



-Barr. Godson Okoye urges the adoption of pidgin English as Nigeria’s national language.

-He stated this will improve the country’s unity and development.

-Okoye also slammed individuals who stash money abroad rather than use it to develop Nigeria.

National Chairman of the United Democratic Party (UDP), Mr Godson Okoye, has proposed the adoption of Pidgin English as Nigeria’s national language in order to strengthen the country’s unity.

According to Okoye, in an interview with newsmen on Friday, 60 per cent of Nigerians already understand Pidgin English and its adoption as a common language will enhance the country’s growth and national unity.

“We need to have a common language and pidgin can be picked and polished for that purpose. “If we have a national language then you can be sure there will be national interest and corruption, nepotism and favoritism will be eradicated from our society.

“If there is a national interest that people are attached to, it will water down regional and personal interests. “Most of these African countries do better than us because they have a common language, national language followed by national interest which helps to unite the society.”

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Speaking further, he said: it’s about time Nigeria clearly defines its national interest that will benefit its citizens and enable them have a feel of governance and sense of belonging. ”

“Nigerians are stashing away money in foreign accounts, this act depicts there is no sense of national pride.”

“No British or American would save one million pounds or dollars in Nigeria bank. “Where is the wisdom in taking money that belongs to the country outside and then turn around to say we need foreign investors, it doesn’t make any sense,” he said.

Source: Naija News

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