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11 states loose huge parts of their monthly allocation


-11 states experience massive deductions from their monthly allocations from the federal government.

-Some of them had over N1 billion deducted from their allocations.

11 states of the federation, lost a large part of their August 2017 federal allocation due to various deductions.

A total of N467.85 billion was distributed among the three tiers of government for the month of August according to the latest federal account allocation committee (FAAC) report released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

“The amount disbursed comprised of N387.32bn from the statutory account and N80.53bn from valued added tax (VAT),” the report read.

Federal government received a total of N193.05bn from the N467.85bn shared. States received a total of N130.69bn and local governments received N98.01bn.

“The sum of N31.59bn was shared among the oil producing states as 13% derivation fund.”

Lagos was the most affected of all the states that had more than N1 billion deducted from their allocation.

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A total of N2.80 billion was deducted from N9.52 billion Lagos was supposed to get while Osun state lost  N2.41 billion to deductions out of the expected N3.06 billion, leaving a balance of just N650 million.

Delta also got a gross allocation of N10.50 billion and lost N2.45 billion to deductions, to have a net allocation of N8.05 billion.

Other States which had more than N1 billion to deducted from their allocations were Zamfara, Rivers, Plateau, Ondo, Ogun, Cross Rivers, Ekiti and Jigawa.