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YouTube introduces new way of sharing videos



Google has announced the inclusion of  latest features on its video sharing site.The new messaging functionality that allows users to chat and share videos within YouTube. The new feature will be available effective August 7, for all YouTube users on mobile devices.

YouTube brings on new way of sharing videos

Apart from the ability to share and receive videos in the app, YouTube users would be able chat about the videos they shared, as well as respond with another video, invite more people to the conversation, and a lots more.

All the videos shared by users will be grouped in a new tab on the YouTube mobile app, which will make it easier for users to see what videos their friends have shared recently. Users can even create a conversation group and share their favorite videos.

YouTube brings on new way of sharing videos

But the new messaging feature is only available on mobile devices. It can be accessed via YouTube’s share button and choosing your phone’s contacts list. Another way to use the new feature is by sharing a direct link and adding new friends to chat about the video.

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