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Ozubulu Massacre and the Unanswered Questions



By Charles Ogbu

Whatever you believe about the grave tragedy that struck Ozubulu Catholic Church last Sunday, do not make the mistake of thinking you know why those worshippers were gruesomely massacred in that church because you don’t. We don’t! No one does. Not even the police nor the state governor. If they did, they are yet to tell us. Matter of fact, no member of the public knows anything concrete about the church killing. Not yet.

Saying that there has been an on-going drug feud between sons of the community does not explain why one of the two sons of the same community chose to send cold blooded killers to go massacre innocent worshippers including kids in the same church that had a very high chance of having his own relatives in attendance even when his target was not in the worship centre.

Read this again, slowly, and tell me if it makes any sense to you.
C’mmon, go on! Sons of the same community having drug feud and killing each other and even targeting family members. I can understand this as uncommon as it is.

But, one of the two sons from the same community randomly butchering innocent worshippers in a church that could have his own family members in attendance. That, I can never understand. Never!

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We don’t catch a bullet by asking questions. Questions like:
What exactly is the clue that connected this church massacre to that particular drug war between the two Ozubulu sons? Is it an eye witness? Drug on the scene? What is it? That it took just 2 hours for the police to obtain, analyse, compare, conclude and offer an official statement! ….2 hours in a multiple murder crime case!!! In a country that has no database and in a church with no CCTV? Nigerian police for that matter!

We hear the war has been on for close to 3 years, yet, Bishop has been going about doing charity, building road being commissioned by the governor and even celebrating his birthday in the open. Yet, he wasn’t targeted at any of those public events?
Why? Neither the police nor the state government can answer this question.
Yet, we should just buy their narrative? Was the target in the church?

If the target was in the church, we could argue that his men were exchanging fire with the attackers and those worshippers were caught in crossfire. In which case, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. But the guy was not in the church! So I ask again, where is the connection?

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We should just believe that drug guys who came all the way from Mandela country where the war started were not professional enough to ascertain that their target was in the church before going in to get him?

They just went from his house to the church looking to kill a billionaire who moves around with heavily armed escort? How sensible does this sound to anyone?

Even my village school cult gang here would never move in and start asking around or wasting bullets unless they had credible Intel on the status of their target.

Having categorically and repeatedly stated that this is a drug war between SONS OF THE SAME COMMUNITY even without any verifiable evidence, both the govt and the police already created a biased mindset about this case. They may have done this to douse tension but there is certainly no right way of doing a wrong thing. The tragedy here is that knowing what we know about the duo, they will now feel obligated and under pressure to ‘force’ their investigation to fall into the “sons of the community drug war story” line to avoid making themselves look silly.

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Even if the police and the state govt knew about the drug feud before now, it is still tantamount to professional laziness to simply assume the harvest of blood witnessed in that church was done by the other drug gang loyal to the other son of the same community.

What the police and the governor did is like a man, myself, for instance, going to the hospital and the doctor looks at me without conducting any test and says, “my friend, you are diabetic”, simply because this doctor already treated my father of the same condition and knows diabetes can be hereditary.

Even the excuse that the governor and the police had Intel about the case is silly at best and idiotic at worst because if they had credible intelligence other than road side amebo and still failed to prevent the attack, then they are hopelessly inept at best and criminally complicit at worst.

So I asked one more time, where is the connection?
We shouldn’t just be going to school to get certificate to get a job. We should be going to school to get equipped with the mental capacity to discern.

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What was the motive?
If hurting Bishop was the target, why not invade his home and burn down the house with all the family members and relatives inside? What other worse way to hurt him?

If smoking him out was the target, why not take his father hostage?
If they wanted to kill in the church because he built it, why did they not simply kill in his own house which would have made maximum impact?

Today, we are hearing that the killer gang is from Mbaise in Imo state. Another report says they are from Enugwu. Yet another says they are from Ebonyi and Kogi. And the Parish Priest is saying he saw a lone gunman just walk into the church and began shooting.

With a police and a govt that already declared this a brotherly feud almost before the killing was over, how do you unravel this? How do you solve a crime without an open mind?

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Apart from Bishop who is supposedly the target, have we seen the face of the other guy who is supposedly the author of this festival of blood? Have we, even when almost everyone claims to know him?

Let’s not pretend like we understand this. We don’t!
No one does!
If anyone thinks the identities of the real perpetrators of this demonic act can be covered up like the number-less unresolved murder cases in this country, such a one is simply reckoning without the witches.
Emechaa, eziokwu ga aputariri ihe.

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