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5 Signs that You are Taking Excess Sugar



Are you wondering whether or not you are consuming too much sugar? Not to worry, Naija News enlists five signs that shows one is eating excess sugar.

Sugar has been seen to have adverse effects on the body including high blood pressure, tooth problems, liver damage, diabetes and cancer.

Here are five signs that show you are taking excess sugar.

1. Gaining Weight

Sugar is has no fiber and protein, hence, it does not lead to one feeling full or satisfied. So, there is tendency to still want to consume more as sugary foods can be unsatisfying. The more sugar we eat, the more calories we ultimately get. Sugar prompts the release of insulin which transports the sugar to the body organs to be used for energy.

Too much consumption of Sugar tells to the body to produce more insulin, which over time causes insulin resistance.

As a result, the body is not able to respond to the appropriate amounts of insulin, and cannot use sugar as required.

Insulin resistance causes weight gain and obesity, which usually translates to diabetes over time, as the pancreas becomes overloaded.

2. Craving Sugar/Carbohydrate foods

It is likely you are addicted sugar if you often desire sweet things. Sugar causes addictions, and constant intake of sugar causes continued craving for sweet substances. Sugar cravings lead to one constantly wanting an eat sweet things, at the long run, the taste buds don’t feel the sharp taste in foods you are used to eating.

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3. Frequently Getting Tired

If you are constantly feeling tired and you lack energy, you are probably consuming too much sugar. Foods high in sugar temporarily boost the energy, and afterward, you are experiencing a crash, and you remain tired throughout the day.

4. Frequent Cold

High Consumption of sugar can also weaken the immune system, and its capacity to fight colds, flu, viruses, and chronic diseases.

Reducing sugar intake will ultimately lower the risk of health issues like diabetes.

5. Battling Skin Blemishes

Sugar serves as an inflammatory in the body. It therefore causes various inflammatory skin issues, like eczema, acne, and extreme dryness and oiliness. If you are faced with some of the symptoms aforementioned, try reducing your sugar consumption as well as carbohydrate consumption as it is broken down to simple sugar.

Reduced intake of sugar will result in your skin becoming clean and soft.

If you experience any of the listed symptoms, try reducing your sugar intake and see how your skin and whole body will transform significantly, leaving it glowing and more healthy.

Source: Naija News

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