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Detail About Airtel Unlimited Plan, Here is all you need to know



Airtel Nigeria has released more information about its unlimited data plans.

The telecommunication company had been quiet after releasing three different data unlimited plans, leaving Nigerians puzzled.

According to Airtel, the N10,000 unlimited plan comes with 40GB after which a fair usage policy will kick in. This reduces the connection speed to 256kbps. The N15,000 plan offer 65GB while the N20,000 plan gives 100GB.

All plans are valid for 30 days. Customers who subscribe for the N20,000 plan will also get a free mifi, Airtel said. 

For information on how to subscribe for the plans, click here

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1. What is the difference in the unlimited plans?

The 3 plans have different fair usage policies (FUP) at which the customer’s speed is throttled to 256kbps

2. What speed can the customer expect when buying the unlimited plans?

The unlimited plans are burstable till FUP after which the speed comes to 256kbps

3. What is the FUP for all the unlimited plans?

Unlimited 10 is 40GB, unlimited 15 is 65GB while unlimited 20 is 100GB

4. What is the validity of the unlimited plans?

Validity is 30 days from activation

5. What do I get when I purchase the unlimited 20 plan?

At N20,000 – free Mifi

6. How do I get the free data terminal- Mifi/Router?

At the nearest Airtel showroom in your area or through a designated Airtel agent

Source: Naija News