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President Buhari Belongs to Mamman Daura – Buhari’s Ally Lawal Idris



President Mohammadu Buhari’s closed friend and ally, Lawal Idris has said is possessed and controlled by Mamman Daura.

Speaking in an interview with The Cable, Idris disclosed that contrary to the presidents claim of belonging to nobody, President Buhari belongs to Mamman Daura and his puppet, Abba Kyari. He also expressed that there the All Progressives Congress is nonexistent

According to him, “…when Buhari was sworn-in, he swore by the Qur’an that he would be fair and we believed him. He said he belonged to no one but I knew he belong to Mamman Daura, Abba Kyari and Mamman are failed bankers and failed industrialists. As at 29  November, 2016, Abba was still a Director of Exxon Mobil; Abba is Buhari’s Chief of Staff, he is a member of the Board of Directors of NNPC what a super brainy, workaholic?”

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Idris however said Daura was against His Excellency from becoming president and was displeased with Buhari winning the presidential election.

“… Mamman Daura is just a joke. I said this Mamman never wanted Buhari’s presidency because a week after Buhari was sworn-in, on Friday, we met at a mosque here in Kaduna.

“I walked to Mamman to greet him; there was this confidence that had taken a better part of him like he is now Mr President. Mamman told me that he and Mahmud didn’t like Buhari’s presidency. And I said ‘ranka ya dade’, you don’t like it’ and he said ‘yes’.

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“I was surprised and he saw the surprise on my face. He just changed the topic and said ‘you know uncle (Buhari) does not like politicians and politicians don’t like him’. I said sir, but election has been won. Whether politicians like it or not, whether Buhari likes it or not, he has to work with politicians and politicians have to work with him for the betterment of our country.”

“Now there is no APC in a way and Buhari is ill. Luckily Buhari has a very good vice president.”

Expressing his disappointment in the recent state of the country’s affairs Idris advised the president to seek forgiveness from the masses.

“I am disappointed but I am still hopeful. I have a problem really and as my late father used to tell me ‘there would always be change in one’s life, unless he is dead, so hopefully Buhari can change and do away with Dan Uncle.

“As long as Buhari cannot get Mamman away from his side, his problem will continue. And the most important one, if I were Muhammadu Buhari, in whatever way I can communicate is to tell Nigerians to please forgive me’. It is a very hard thing to do.

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He however added that the citizenry expected too much from him.

“It is not apology; this is what I have been telling people long ago. We made Buhari a super human, including myself. I kept asking God to make Buhari president; I never asked God to lead the presidency for him and God seems to have said ‘this is your Buhari now, if that is what you want, you got it.’

“As close friend of the president since 1972, Idris explained that the slow running of the country is due to President Buhari being possessed by evil forces. He added that the President communicate with the citizenry.”

He said “I told many of my friends from the beginning, including many of Buhari’s associates but they did not believe me. I told Buhari even before the election was won that ‘evil people have possessed you’”.

The way out is for Buhari to talk to the people. There is nothing wrong for me to say I have wronged you forgive me.

“Most Nigerians believe no one can fight corruption except Buhari. The people who are corrupt believe that Buhari is their problem. But we are a country where the right becomes the wrong and the wrong becomes the right; meaning the corrupt believe they are right.

“Buhari as a person is fighting corruption because he believes he is not corrupt. But Buhari is the only one person; corruption should be fought by all Nigerians irrespective of their party, tribe, or religion. It is simple, the giver, the taker, are all guilty.” He said.

Ibukun Josephine Bankole was a Senior Associate at Naija News. A Mass Communication graduate, Ibukun is passionate about journalism especially in the areas of health and child related issues. She loves eating beans, singing, acting and giving motivational speeches. Ibukun is meticulous and has a positive approach to life. Contact me via twitter/Instagram @ibukunbankole_