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Lady Beaten And Disgraced For Falsely Accusing A Man Of Stealing In Lagos



According to an eyewitness, an unidentified young woman was beaten up after she was caught bearing false witness and wrongly accusing another person of stealing

According to reports, the unidentified woman had alerted people to a supposed thief who she claimed snatched her phone, the crowd had proceeded to beat the man till he was almost dead.

The crowd which had acted in ignorance, was said to have turned on the woman when they noticed she was trying to getaway on a commercial motorcycle. It turned out she was the actual thief and had stolen the phone of the man in question.

An eyewitness who gave his name as Akin, said:

This happened this evening at Williams street, Bakery bus stop in Aguda Surulere, Lagos. This woman was beaten and disgraced for laying false allegation against a man that he stole a phone from her.

Meanwhile this woman was on already on okada running with the man’s phone while they had started carrying out jungle justice on the man, already in coma, before someone who actually saw what happened stopped her from escaping.

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