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MMM Guider Chuddy Flee Abroad With Wife After Making Billions In Nigeria




Top MMM Guilder Relocates Overseas With Wife. What Next For Nigerian Subscribers?

Unconfirmed media reports suggest that top guilder of popular Ponzi scheme (MMM), Chuddy Mbanefo has fled Nigeria and relocated overseas.

Reports say Chuddy absconded from the country in the midst of the anxiety being faced by desperate Nigerian participants waiting to withdraw their investments.

Chuddy’s relocation is coming barely 24 hours after a fresh set of conditions for payment were released by MMM Nigeria.

MMM participants, by the notification were made to believe that their outstanding payments were soon to be paid.

However, investigations seem to suggest otherwise.

MMM Nigeria Lead Guider, Chuddy Ugorji, wife flee to Philippines

Reports from The Cable say a certain MMM participant who manages several accounts said a payment of N17,000 was credited into an account he manages for a friend.

He said:

“One of the accounts I manage for a friend finally got paid. She invested N20,000 on November 10, 2016 and her money has appreciated to N35,000.

“When MMM resumed last week, she said I should withdraw all the money for her, which I requested for immediately.

“She was paired the day after. 

“The two people she was paired with had to pay N17,000 and N18,000 to make up the N35,000, but only one person has paid.”

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, MMM Nigeria released a new set of guidelines to participants.

The guidelines stated that a fixed limit of N31,000 has been set for all participants seeking to make withdrawals from this week.

According to the new rules, the “system” is prioritizing payment of smaller amounts and gradually increasing the amount to higher ones.

It also seemed to suggest that recovery of the system is based on the optimism and “positivity” of participants.

The guidelines advised participants to create further awareness that “MMM Nigeria is open, working and paying.”