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MMM Nigeria Releases New Strategy For 2017 As It Plans Bounce Back On January 14th




MMM In Nigeria

Programmers are working seriously with the new model and it will be announced later and implemented. This new model will help us keep the system balance. To keep the GH and PH balanced. No matter whether people join us or not.. and it will be sustainable.

When it will be implemented we will be notified. We can PH and we should keep our downlines updated.

 About the growth of Bonuses…
we have to see towards it… half of guiders supporters said it should keep growing. Guiders misbehaving will be dealt with. And the only way to get them is by getting evidence.

Unfreezing of Mavro will be probably 14th of January or might be sooner.

About proof of payment…

We will use a new strategy for fake proof of payments:

We will start checking orders when it turns yellow that is…

Change of guiders button will be done this week or any time soon. Phone number verification would be implemented soon… via sms notification.

Guiders school: Soon we will start Automized guiders school and make it well organised.

False news around:

We should demonstrate to others that our community is working and not give heed or ear to what people says about the system…. It solely depends on us the leaders.

Of course medias would want to present topics to generate traffic.

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We can also talk to people to PH and let them know that their mavro will keep growing.

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