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Sad: Rahama, the girl living in a bowl is dead



The late Rahama Haruna smiling on a wheelchair. PHOTO BY: Sani Maikatanga

Rahama Haruna, the famous bowl girl, has died at the age of 20.

She died on Christmas Day, last Sunday, December 25 at about 4:15pm at her Lahadin Makole village in Warawa local government area of Kano state.

When the story of physically-challenged Rahama’s life in a bowl went viral, the image of Rahama’s frail body structure being carried in a plastic container as shown in the pictures posted by ace photographer Sani Maikatanga has moved many people to tears.

But the intrigue has always been the smile that Rahama always wears despite her condition.

Rahama then 19, once stated that life has not been easy for her as she cannot do virtually anything on her own.

She added that she grew up to learn that she is not like the others and therefore learned to accept her situation in good faith.

Rahama says she consider herself as being lucky to be alive as her brother who suffered the same illness died.

She also stated that, initially she finds it very disturbing when people run away on sighting her but she said she later had to accept that people are not all the same.

The news of her death had also attracted attention as many sympathisers have either visited Rahama or have donated items to her and her family.

According to her father, Malam Haruna Makole, Rahama had a simple cold and she was normal when he left home for the market on that fateful day.

“She had simple cold and she didn’t complain of having any form of sickness. However, Sunday being our market day, I left as usual for the market only to receive a call around 4:15pm that Rahama is no more. It is apparent that, her time has reached, Rahama has been a good person to all of us and we will surely miss her a lot. May Allah grant her eternal peace and paradise; let me use this opportunity to thank all those that have shown concern in one way or the other to our daughter. May God reward you all,” said Rahama’s father.

Similarly, Nigeria musical artist Hadiza Blell of Mavin records, better known by her snewse name Di’Ja who had paid a visit to Rahama while she was alive had posted in her Insnewsram page that, she was sober and weak when received the news of Rahama’s death.

She said her encounter with the bowl girl will forever remain in her as a source of inspiration in life.

For Kannywood actress Hadiza Aliyu Gabon whose name has virtually became synonymous to that of the bowl girl as she maintain a constant contact with the Rahama’s family, stated that the news of Rahama’s death had brought tears to her face.

“When I received the call that intimated me about Rahama’s death on Christmas Day, I didn’t know when tears began to roll down my face. Her memories kept coming back to me even as I speak now, I could remember during my first visit when she saw tears on my face and she said “Stop crying, that is how God wants me to be”. I could not, but to love her courage and total submission to the will of God. May her soul rest in peace,” Hadiza Gabon said.