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I Did Not Kill My Late Wives – Jide Kosoko




Veteran Nollywood actor, Jide Kosoko, has denied speculations that he use his late wives for rituals

Kosoko said he had forgiven controversial social media enthusiast, Kemi Olunloyo who accused him of using his late wife, Henrietta and two others for rituals.

Miss Olunoyo had claimed in a social media post that the actor used his late wives, including Henrietta, who died in June for money making rituals.

She had stated that, “Actor Jide’s third wife just died.

“The light skin bleaching Nollywood actor. This makes it three wives dead.”

After a long silence, Kosoko said Miss Olunloyo only spoke her mind and she had a right to air her opinion.

He told Punch in an interview, “I do not want to go to Kemi Olunloyo’s issue because the chapter is closed.

“I do not want to dwell much on it because when people approached me and informed me of what she was saying, I said she was entitled to her opinion. She was voicing out, what about those that would not say anything but in their mind, they would say that I have lost about three wives?

“They are only being human but the truth is that for Olunloyo, that is her opinion no matter how hurt I might have been with her utterances. By my nature, there was nothing I could do. But I appreciate her father who called me and apologised. He said some other things that I may not be able to share with the public.

“When she said all those things, I really did not reply because it is not in my nature and that time, I was mourning so her case was secondary. I am still mourning so there are very little things I want to say.”

On whether he did not pay the bride price of the late Henrietta, the Yoruba actor said, “I did not pay her bride price and she stayed with me for 22 years, does that not mean that something is wrong somewhere?

“The burial ceremony plans did not change suddenly. The plan since the day she died was that she would be buried in her hometown. I told them that I wanted her to be buried in Lagos, it was a case of give and take and my family being a deeply cultured one said that we should give them an opportunity for them to bury her at home.

“You may not know, there may be someone in the family who may think there is a foul play and would want to do anything to confirm one or two things, so I could not really stop them. She belonged to all of us but more to me. I embrace peace and nothing happened at her hometown, it was a normal catholic burial,” he said.

“Forget about what people said. My late wife was ill and she died of complications which arose from diabetes. My friends, family and colleagues stood by me and I appreciate it.

“Of course, you will always have one or two persons that would say one or two negative things but in my life, I have fought so many wars and I have won all of them; so it is only someone who wants to be crushed that would confront me in war because almighty God has His plan for me. It is quite unfortunate that all these things are happening to me but I still thank almighty God because there are reasons for everything.

“I miss everything about her, yes, she was human and she had her flaws but I must confess I would miss her for so many things. She was my companion because we were in the same profession. She was not only my wife but we were in the same industry together.

“I still dream about her but it is mostly based on my imagination. How I hope she was still alive. I would miss her food because she was a fantastic cook.”

Olawale Adeniyi Journalist | Content Writer | Proofreader and Editor.