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The Fulani Killings And The Way Forward




Fulani Herdsmen Reportedly Kills 100 In Benue

By Charles Ogbu
You are Igbo but you don’t live in your village. The speed with which you left your village is the same speed with which other able-bodied men and women left theirs in search of the ever elusive greener pasture in the cities and abroad, leaving only our aged parents with just a handful of youths behind. You neither visit nor call your village except on Christmas. For some of you that are overseas, you probably haven’t gone home or even contacted your community leaders for the past 5 years. And even when you manage to visit home, you spend just a couple of days hiding inside because you don’t want Okeke and Okafor to ask you for money.
Each time you hear that a community has been attacked by these govt-sponsored Fulani butchers, you be like:
“What is wrong with these villagers, self? Why can’t these villagers organize and defend themselves?”
Now, no vex, Charles would like to know,
Which people were you expecting to confront these heavily armed govt sponsored beasts called Fulani herdsmen?
Your aged parents?
Those couple of young men in the village?
With which weapon?
How much have you ever contributed to your village to help them in buying weapons to distribute to these youths?
How many times have you even gone home to call your community youths together to discuss with them on this issue?
Meditate on the above questions. Deep inside, you know the answers to them. If you can address those answers, you’d have succeeded in helping to curtail the murderous activities of these govt-sponsored terrorists.
Personally, I find it criminally offensive that some of those who nearly removed my head from my neck for calling out their favorite politicians and religious leaders for their criminal silence in the face of these killings are still the same people blaming hunger-ravaged, poverty-stricken villagers for being unable to protect themselves from a terrorist group operating with the full backing of the Buhari-led federal govt and all the Hausa/Fulani headed security agencies.
How can you be shielding your favorite politicians and religious leaders from blame in all of these killings while you are blaming innocent villagers whose only ‘crime’ was being born in a country headed by murderers?
Do you know the cost of a locally-made gun?
Instead of talking about these villagers as though they were some strangers from Jupiter, why not actively get involved in empowering your community youths to be able to defend your communities from these govt-sponsored vampires?
Christmas is here again. Go home and put your money where your mouth is! If you want your community youth to protect your community, pull your resources together and equip them accordingly. A child that is sent to go steal by his father breaks the door with his head. If those village youths know that they have the full backing of you big boys and big girls in the cities, they will gladly confront these Fulani beasts with the criminals backing them. The average Igbo youth is not known to be a coward who would run from his ‘obi’ for whatever reasons but the average Igbo youth is equally not known to be stupid enough to confront a heavily armed enemy with bare hands!
Go home this Christmas and organize your youths!!
I repeat,
Go home this Christmas and organize your youths!!
In case, you don’t get what I mean by “organize”, let me break it down so that those uniformed criminals backing these Fulani beasts in their murderous land-grabbing campaign will have no issues understanding me as well:
Pull your resources together and BUY ARMS for your community youths, arm them to the teeth and keep some fund on stand-by for their welfare. Do this and watch these Fulani beasts respect themselves. These barbarians don’t know jack about diplomacy. They see diplomacy as weakness. And seeing as we don’t have an Ayodele Fayose among any of those dickless buffoons masquerading as our governors, pulling our resources together to arm ourselves to defend our land, our honor, our women and Children plus our dignity as humans remains our only option!
Task everyone if you have to. We’ve cried enough. It is time we get practical as it is now clear that all the security agencies are backing these Fulani beasts.

Forget those useless bunch called governors/politicians and religious leaders who are codedly aiding and abetting these killings with their criminal silence. Once they see that the people have been empowered, they will have no choice than to join or run back to their Hausa/Fulani masters.

Few years ago, big men and women in Jos decided they’ve had enough of these Fulani bastards and the criminals sponsoring them, they came together and armed themselves to the teeth. That year, the Fulani beasts were chased to the end of the world and butchered like the cockroaches that they are. And their flesh were roasted and eaten live in a video. Since that day, these Fulani vermin have never attacked that particular community again.
These Jos youths didn’t achieve this very laudable feat on their own. They were aided by their wealthy men and women.


We too, can do this. But we cannot do this if we don’t go home or send funds home to make this happen.
Shame on the criminally-complicit government!!!
Shame on the uniformed thugs called the security agencies!!!
Any govt that would sponsor a terrorist group against its own people is not worthy to be accorded any form of respect!
Any security agency that would chose to side with terrorists against law-abiding citizens is nothing but a criminal gang.
You dishonor yourself when you show respect to those who are conniving with fulani terrorists to murder your kind.
Christmas is here again! Please, in the name of all that is holy, I implore you, keep your political and religious differences aside and empower your community youths. These guys are willing to die in defense of their honor as men but they need your help.
Self defense is a fundamental human right but you cannot successfully defend yourself against a powerful enemy if you have no means to arm yourself like your enemy.
Please, make this Christmas count!

Olawale Adeniyi Journalist | Content Writer | Proofreader and Editor.

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