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See The Reason Why Buhari Cancelled Zahra’s Wedding




The News filtered in yesterday that  Zahra Buhari and Ahmed Indimi  most andticipated wedding has been postponed indefinitely.

It is believed that this it was President Buhari himself who called the wedding to a halt. here are three reasons why he could have made such a drastic decision:

1. The media did too much

The media has a way of sensationalizing things and blowing it out of proportion. While this is the norm, Buhari is not one to crave or appreciate excessive media attention (probably since the other room drama) so he might have postponed it to put the media off track so the wedding will hold privately.

2. He wants to see what else Indimi has to offer

Ahmed Indimi and Zahra Buhari

Ahmed Indimi seems to have it all in terms of financial success. He sent her about 30 customized Louis Vuitton (LV) designer bags with gifts during their introduction.

Buhari may want to see what is beneath the surface of his flamboyant exterior and if he truly will make a great husband.

3. Zahra is having second thoughts

Ahmed Indimi and Zahra Buhari

Zahra is very smart and well-educated but she is not above mistakes. Imagine if she woke up one day and questioned is Ahmed is truly the one for her and voiced her thoughts to her father.

Buhari is president but he is also a loving father and he may just postponed the wedding for her to truly makeup her mind.

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