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Buhari’s Evil Agenda And 2019 By Charles Ogbu




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Editor’s note: In this piece, Charles Ogbu; from Abuja write on President Buhari and his ” Selfish” Ambition, … The road to 2019.

“I am glad we booted out Jonathan in 2015. If Buhari doesn’t perform, my PVC is ready, come 2019, we will equally vote him out”

Whenever I read this kind of stuff from a supposedly lettered politically conscious Nigerian, I usually bow my head in confusion. Confusion as to whether to die crying or die laughing. Crying or laughing at the intolerable volume of naivety, crass ignorance and sheer political mumuism deeply embedded in that statement.

I equally laugh mirthlessly whenever I hear people say Buhari is dumb or brainless. Granted, most of his actions make him come across as dumb when it comes to issues of governance but believe me when I say this is because his agenda does not include governance.

Every smart Nigerian should have realized that Buhari did not spend a whole 12 years contesting election and even crying publicly just so he could come and fix the country. Far from it. Buhari’s one-point agenda has always been to #BringBackHausaFulaniMuslimDomination and greatly weaken every southern influence both politically and economically.

This is the reason Buhari bypassed all protocols and went straight to his daura village to bring Mallam Lawal Daura from retirement to come and head the DSS. And do you know the first assignment Lawal Daura did on resumption of duty? He sacked 65 newly recruited personnel of the service who are almost all southerners. The same reason Buhari brought Hamid Ali from outside the customs to head the Nigerian Custom Service. {Do to know what businessmen who are mostly southerners go through to clear their goods with Custom? Do you know how many customs check points you will see from Lagos to Onitsha for example? Do custom officials stay on the road or the borders?} This is thesame reasons he brought his niece, Amina Zakari to head INEC before replacing her with another loyal kinsman, Yakubu Mahmud. This is the same reasons he made sure most of his appointments are filled with his fellow hausa/Fulani Muslims.

This is the same reason he sacked dozens of very senior army officers mostly from the south on allegation of corruption only to come out to defend the army chief, Tukur-Buratai, his fellow Northern Muslims over his Dubai property scandal. In case you don’t know, the implication of that ethic cleansing he carried out in the army is that it will take not less than 50 years for a southerner to smell the position of the chief of army staff. Buhari had all these planned out a long time ago. He was never ready for the real business of governance but he has always been ready for this.
If not for the positions of the naval chief and the CDS, if a security meeting were to hold today, it would be with Buhari and his fellow Hausa/Fulani Muslims alone. in a multi-ethnic, multi-religious country like Nigeria. And you think Buhari doesn’t know what he is doing?? You think we don’t have serious reasons to feel uncomfortable?? You still think he is dumb and brainless?

You think Buhari’s refusal to clampdown on his murderous kinsmen, the Fulani herdsmen adjudged as the 4th deadliest terror group in the world is a mistake?? Buhari rolled out the war tanks against the Shiites, the Avengers and the peaceful IPOB, He had Nnamdi Kanu kept in jail simply for asking to be allowed to go with his people but thesame Buhari has since given a juicy amnesty package to boko haram and one billion naira plus grazing lands and full military protection to the Fulani herdsmen, the two deadliest and 4th deadliest terror groups in the whole world according to Global Terror Index. And these two terror groups share thesame region(North) and religion(Islam) as Mr Buhari.
You need to throw away political correctness and meditate on this. Think about this! Wake up and smell the coffee!
Remember, both the Boko Haram amnesty fund and the one billion naira budgeted for the murderous Fulani herdsmen as well as the billions earmarked for oil exploration in the North and the Northeast Development Commission will come from the south, the southern oil money and alcohol VAT, the same alcohol they ban in their Sharia North. And you yet ask what the Niger Delta Avengers are avenging?

President Muhammadu Buhari is a rabid ethnic jingoist, a religious zealot and a parochial Northern irredentist and in fairness to him, he has never hidden this fact. His bigoted agenda is fast unfolding right before our very eyes but sadly, we are too busy paying heed to the nonsense called political correctness and trying to maintain the phony apparition of patriots, to even realise this.

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This country is not the mess it is today because of mere administrative errors on the part of Buhari. Everything we are experiencing today under Buhari including the recession are no coincidence. We are in this mess because we are presided over by a dark-hearted man who is determined to achieve his vile aim even if it means destroying the entire country in the process. This evil we are witnessing now is just getting started. Buhari has succeeded in caging all the vital institutions in the country and he will not stop until his agenda is fully achieved.
The likelihood of elections holding in 2019 is very slim but whatever be the case, absent natural intervention, the daura-born ex-soldier will be in office beyond 2019. The Northern mafia who are milking this country dry even as I type this, are solidly behind him and make no mistake, these men are of unlimited means to get whatever they want.
Only natural causes can rescue this countty from Buhari. And even in the event that mother nature intervenes and rid us of Buhari, it will still take ages for this country to fully recover from the damages he has caused to the system and be truly free from the firm grips of very powerful evil-minded Northern cabals Buhari presidency has deeply planted in different strategic spheres of our national life.
There is fire on the mountain but sadly, nobody seems to be on the run!