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Fashion collides with creativity on ‘The Runway 2’


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Boki a young fashion designer is busy at work; she’s sewing sequins into fabrics for the high end showcase aptly titled ‘11-11  Runway 2’.

Not only the designers but also fashion enthusiasts or better still ‘fashionistas’ in Abuja and beyond have been gearing for the gathering.

The event hosted in Abuja, brings together young fashion designers.

This year it is hosting 11 emergent designers, for them this is another avenue to showcase their designs to old and new clientele.

For Boki, she’s working hard to ensure that her brand Divanatrix is accorded critical acclaim on Friday night at The This Day Dome.
The night is not only about clothes, couture and models its also an avenue for the City’s young and upwardly mobile to network amidst good music and entertainment.

The organisers of the event aspire to become big first of all they want to ensure that The Runway holds every year and eventually grow into an entire weekend of fashion, in Abuja.

According to the organisers of the event, Nigerian designers have a lot to offer the world and if their creativity is  well harnessed, the project will no doubt put Abuja on the global fashion map.

The Runway team is made up of varied individuals whose day jobs range from Fashion Designers, Lawyers, PR and Business Design Specialists, their love for fashion and its creative use is one fabric that holds them together.
The absence of opportunities has created a generation of fashion designers with a clientele ready to pay premium rates for their designs.

As the Head Designer of her brand, Boki didn’t turn to fashion because she couldn’t find a job, she did because she had always had a flair for intricate designs all her life.

“At some point in life, you have to work on living your dream and that’s what I did” she said as regards her day job as a fashion designer.
Though there are institutions  like the National Directorate of Employment and the recent Youwin Initiative set up by government -Boki feels “the government is not doing enough to support small business owners and the power supply situation is enough to run you out of business.

We employ labour and keep young talented people off the streets, we should be given soft loans and grants to encourage us employ even more and grow China is practically all about garment manufacturing.

That could easily be us”.

 Boki and her retinue of tailors at Divanatrix  are participating at the event based on the success  of the first edition of The Runway Show.
Though the textile looms of companies like Arewa Textile in Cities like Kaduna no longer spin textiles, nor employ massive numbers of casual hands, Abuja’s fashion designers like Divanatrix, Berrys Couture, Dzyn, Ruba Couture, Maie, Sutura and so many of them all over the nation continue to provide succour to the unemployed and most importantly creating niche faboulous designer clothings like the ones that will grace the Runway 2…
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AlKasim Abdulkadir

AlKasim Abdulkadir

AlKasim, a youth activist, works for the BBC World Service and is based in Abuja.

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